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Salary package

The company provides competitive salary for employees, establishes a perfect salary adjustment mechanism and incentive policy, and establishes corresponding promotion system for engineers, technicians, management and professional talents for different positions.

Career Development

The company provides two career paths, technical and management, to encourage employees to develop their own expertise.

Training system

The company adopts the "tutorial system" and abundant internal and external training parallel training mode to provide employees with sufficient training opportunities to help them grow and improve.

Staff accommodation

The company is equipped with its own canteen and dormitory, for employees free dining and accommodation.

Social Security

Once a new employee is officially employed by the company, he/she will purchase social insurance and provident fund.

Other Benefits

The annual bonus of the previous year will be paid before the Spring Festival every year.Organize the selection and recognition of excellent employees and arrange travel benefits every year;Provide birthday gift certificates to employees with birthdays in the current month;The Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other festivals to distribute holiday expenses or holiday gifts;